Fallout 76's PVP-based survival gametype is in beta, campaign is now a separate mode


As part of the Wild Appalachia update

In case you haven’t heard, Fallout 76is going to keep trucking through at least 2019 with a heap of free updates.

While there is a timeline where the game is wildly successful and not extremely buggy and Bethesda charges a premium for these add-ons, that’s not our reality, as the bulk of it is going to be included with the game (the reason for this isn’t because of contrition, but rather, microtransactions, and the fact that Bethesda didn’t want to press their luck having both micros and premium DLC).

That list also involves Wild Appalachia, the recent big content drop that also recently ushered in the new PVP mode: survival. It’s actually in Fallout 76now in “beta” form, which includes a scoreboard feature, bonus XP, weekly challenges, and legendary item rewards. Subsequently, the core version of the game is now called “adventure mode” (and eliminates “unwanted PVP”). You can freely swap between both modes and even play survival immediately after character creation.

The hits keep coming for your storage space, as the survival patch (7.5) is 4GB on consoles and 2GB on PC. There aren’t a lot of balance passes with 7.5, as it’s mostly focused on splitting Fallout 76into the two aforementioned modes and fixing a few ever-present bugs (mostly visual ones this time like haywire Robobrain glowing effects).

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