Fallout 76's upcoming patch aims to drastically overhaul combat


Damage numbers

Fallout 76 is ready to commemorate its 10th majorpatch deployment since its mid-November launch last year, and this one is almost entirely combat related.

Bethesda has detailed the combat system overhaul on their blog, noting that one of the biggest additions is a damage number toggle. It’s off by default, but you can turn it on in either adventure (PVE) or survival (PVP) mode separately. Then there’s the good stuff: you can now “holster-cancel,” by shooting as you’re putting a weapon away so you won’t get caught with your pants down: a mechanic that showcases a sharper and quicker overall approach to combat in lieu of the traditional V.A.T.S. turn-based combat. ADS time has also been lowered for that same reason.

A heap of heavy weapons are getting targeting reticles too (weapons like the minigun didn’t) for more accurate aiming, and sprinting is now intertwined with shooting like a dance. To be frank, this is all baseline stuff that really should have been in at launch to avoid Fallout 76‘s clunky combat feel, but at least it’s coming now. If you want to see all these changes in action before the patch drops, Bethesda took animated GIFs of everythingplaying out.

Bethesda also hints that they’ll be announcing more Fallout 76-related news during their E3 conference this Sunday in terms of content for the game “through the rest of 2019.” There’s still two big free expansions to go (Wild Appalachia launched already, with Nuclear Winter to come this summer and Wastelanders in the fall), so it’ll probably just be details for those.

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