Fallout Shelter (Death)claws its way to Android in mid-August


Can you survive until then?

It doesn’t quite carry the weight of the “available now on iOS” announcement from E3, but Fallout Shelterwill come to Android devices in just under three weeks’ time. Bethesda’s revealed that it’s set for an August 13 launch.

This adaption of Fallout Shelteris equipped with some updates that didn’t initially roll out with the iOS version. The big one is a robot named “Mr. Handy” who’s useful for collecting resources in- and outside your Vault. Also, Deathclaws will be introduced, and those things are terrifying. Fortunately for all those Apple enthusiasts who are already playing, this update hits iOS on August 13, too.

Earlier this month, Pete Hines, Bethesda VP of marketing and PR estimated that Fallout Shelterwould make its way to Android sometime in August. Turns out he was right. Although, it wasn’t exactly an unpredictable move given how much money the game has made on iOS.