Fan complaints could bring back 'too sexy' Final Fantasy costume


They toned it down, but are willing to sex things back up

Square Enix recently held a lengthy presentation (starts around 7:30) for its upcoming Mevius Final Fantasy. One of the things revealed during the presentation is a new design for lead character Wal that covers up quite a bit of exposed skin present in the initial Onion Knight design. Wal’s outfit will change with the job system.

“We looked at the various reactions we were getting online, and in the end, showing this much skin,” producer Yoshinori Kitase started. “It’s kind of sexy,” co-host Asuna offered. “A little too sexy.”

According to Kitase, the new look, “[evolved] while taking into consideration users’ opinions,” but project leader Naoki Hamaguchi and managing producer Hiroki Okayama, feigning or otherwise, went to bat for the “naked outfit,” requesting the original design make a return. “He looks like a model…You can see the body line of his lower back and hips.”

While the new look loses the exposed flank, Wal’s rippling back will be on display regardless of redesign or job-specific costume. His giant, ugly back tattoo is one of his signifying markers.

The presentation also showed off a much more responsibly dressed Sarah Lotte Corneria.

The Onion Knight look is still in production. Kitase noted, “If enough people say they like those hiplines, then we might bring the original costume back.”

You know what to do.

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