Fan-made Super Mario 64 Online brings together 'more players than you'd ever want'


And it’s out right now

Super Mario 64 Online, a romhack that lets 24 people get together and play Mario 64 together, looks fun as hell — in a slightly broken, wholly entertaining way. It’s downloadable here for free.

Online functionality would be cool in its own right, but this is Mario 64, after all. There’s a wild scene of creative, dedicated, ingenious players surrounding this game. To that end, Super Mario 64 Online has emotes (wave, cry, sleep, get electrocuted) and cleverly-implemented new playable characters:

  • Mario is normal
  • Luigi jumps higher but skids more
  • Yoshi can flutter jump but can’t wallkick
  • Wario takes less damage but is slower
  • Peach can float like in [Super Mario Bros. 2] but can’t grab onto ledges
  • Toad is faster but can’t jump as high
  • Waluigi has a double jump but takes more damage
  • Rosalina spins in the air like in [Super Mario Galaxy] if you press B, but this replaces her dive

Creators Kaze Emanuar, Melonspeedruns, and Marshivolt also have a short tutorial video here.