Farpoint looks like the next notable PlayStation VR game


It’s out on May 16

You might not recall Farpoint by its forgettable name, but if you keep up with PlayStation VR happenings, you should recognize the PSVR Aim controller the game is heavily associated with. This is a first-person sci-fi adventure in which you’re on an alien planet that’s home to giant spiders and other nasty creatures, something you’ll get a good sense of in this latest story-centric trailer.

On paper, I like the sound of another “full-length single-player campaign” for PSVR, and there’s also two-player online co-op challenge levels built for high score chasers.

My fingers are crossed that this is more fleshed out than something like Robinson: The Journey. (And that the gunplay works well without the Aim accessory, because I’m definitely not buying that.)