Fatal Frisbee action as Rygar returns on Nintendo Switch


Watch your fingers when you catch it

Now there’s a header image from my childhood. That poster for the home computer release of Rygar adorned many a gaming magazine in the late ’80s, and I remember being shocked by the blood gushing from the stomach of the warrior’s hapless victim. No shits given in those marketing days. It was a great time.

You can relive it, to a degree at least, this week as retro-game enthusiasts Hamster have dipped into their bag of arcade classics and pulled out Rygar, available now on Nintendo Switch. Originally hitting arcades in 1986, Rygar is a fast-paced scrolling platform title, which sees an undead warrior of legend return from the grave to take out an evil king and return peace to the land of Argool.

Armed with “Diskarmor” – a circular blade attached to a yo-yo style chain, players control Rygar as he battles through a series of colourful stages, dodging traps and hazards and wiping out the minions and bosses who stand in his path, ultimately leaidng to the final confrontation with the mad monarch.

Rygar is available to download now on Nintendo Switch, priced around $8