Feed your colorful soul with Runbow


Taste the Runbow

If platformers and playing with a group friends is your thing, then you should keep an eye on Runbow, an indie title slated to arrive on the Wii U.

This self-described action party game will allow up to nine of your friends to participate locally in color-popping madness. It’s fine if you don’t have nine friends, because Runbow is set to feature a single-player mode as well.

In the multiplayer, players will be able to take part in a run mode, head-to-head mode, or other choices called Arena, King of the Hill, ColourMaster and The Bowhemoth. I have no idea what Bowhemoth means, so I assume it has to do with a huge ass moth or something.

We don’t have more details yet, but we’re supposed to hear more once GDC comes around.