Feline rescue is the basis of the new Dead Island game


Retro Revenge

Dead Island 2is the next big Dead Islandgame, but it’s not the nextDead Islandgame. That honor goes to the recently announced Dead Island: Retro Rampage— a 16-bit romp about rescuing your cat and recovering your RV. Alright then.

This trailer nicely sums up the tone of Retro Rampage, which might be described as “A Streets of Rage-like brawler in which a Jack Black-like man yells a lot.” That Jack Blackian protagonist characterizes the game as “chock-full of awesome enemies, sick combos, and enough challenge to send all you hardcore types cryin’ home to mama.” Again, alright then.

Those who are interested in Retro Rampageneed to be interested enough to sign up for the full Dead Island experience. It’s an add-on to the Dead Island: Definitive Collectionwhich bundles Dead Islandand Dead: Island Riptide. That package is set to release on May 31 for $40. There’s no word on a standalone version of Retro Rampagethat’s in the works.