FFXIV: Endwalker: How to get back to Old Sharlyan if you forgot to attune


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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker kicked off today in early access, and outside of some long login queues for some servers, so far, so good. That is…unless you forgot to attune to the Old Sharlyan Aetheryte! Look, I was wrapped up in the splendor of the city and the NPC quest, and got transported to one of the new zones. If you’re like me (and I’m writing this because a ton of people were yelling the same thing in in-game chat), here’s a quick way to get back to Old Sharlyan.

Get back to Old Sharlyan with the Ferryman

Return to the Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks to get back to Old Sharlyan

So it’s actually pretty simple, and I walked a few people through it in-game (that’s just how the Final Fantasy XIV community does it).

If you forgot to attune to Old Sharlyan, you can head back to Limsa, and go due west until you get to the Ferryman. Talk to them and you can get back to Old Sharlyan so long as you have it unlocked through the main story quest (it’ll take roughly 30 minutes from the start of the expansion with cutscenes).

The coordinates of the Ferryman are X:3.5 and Y:12.0. The fastest way to get to the NPC is through the Arcanist Guild teleport at the main Aetheryte crystal.