FFXV's Noctis may appear in Dissidia Final Fantasy


But not until his game launches

Are you ready for Noctis to start showing up in more Final Fantasy games? It was kind of a given seeing how pretty much every series protagonist ends up in some smartphone or “all-stars” title at some point, but Final Fantasy XVhero Noctis may end up in another game sooner than you think.

According to Koei Tecmo director Takeo Kujiroaka, Square Enix producer Ichiro Hazama, and Team Ninja head Yosuke Hayashi in an interview with Dengeki, the deal is almost done to put him in the new arcade version of Dissidia, but FFXVwill need to come out first.

On the subject of Noctis, the trio stated, “We’re thinking about it, of course. He would likely use something like his Phantom Swords. There are even some among us that have been thinking about it, saying ‘if Noctis will be in it, how will he perform those warps?’ However, this will have to be after Final Fantasy XV releases. It would be a bit too much to play as a Final Fantasy XV character in arcades right after the demo.”

Of course, we haven’t actually played the game yet to see if Noctis is a worthy enough character to put in the series pantheon, but if he’s going to end up in other games, I hope he is.

ディシディアFF』インタビューで登場予定のキャラクター数が判明。クラウドの顔は○通り作った!?[Dengeki Online via Siliconera]