Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker early access launches at 4AM ET on December 3


It’ll launch officially four days later

In a confusing turn of events for some, Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker early access will begin this Friday on December 3 at 1AM PT/4AM ET. To be clear, early access is provided for folks who pre-order, and are provided an early access code to enter in the Mogstation system (FFXIV‘s version of, basically). So if you want in, make sure you get your ducks in a row and get the code ahead of time.

If you get confused or things change, just remember that this official page will have the updated early access time, as well as instructions for where to enter the code if you haven’t done so already.

Here’s a breakdown of how everything is going down for Endwalker early access, starting on December 2:

  • On December 2 at 4AM ET, server maintenance begins, and will follow a 24-hour cycle (the current iteration of the game will be out of commission, and Mogstation will also be down during this time, with the news site and the companion app going down a little after).
  • On December 3 at 4AM ET, server maintenance will end, and the game will tentatively go live (with the Mogstation opening back up an hour later at 5AM ET).
  • On December 7, Endwalker will officially launch beyond the early access period.

As someone who has been there for every early access, expect it to get messy, especially around 8AM to 10AM ET when everyone on the Europe side is getting off of work, and the US is waking up (regardless of your datacenter, people play all over in all regions). If you want to guarantee a spot and avoid login queues, it’s smart to get up early and get in.