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Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster games coming soon to Steam and mobile

Despite what the remaster branding implies, these six games will be released individually

During Square Enix’s oddly-paced E3 2021 stream, the company announced Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster in a 30-second trailer that raises more questions than answers.

This so-called “ultimate 2D pixel remaster” will launch on Steam, iOS, and Android “soon.” In a post-HD-2D world (here’s looking at you Dragon Quest), this is a struggle. Especially with consoles excluded, at least for the time being. After the reveal, @FinalFantasy tweeted that the six games will “release individually.” That’s one blank filled in.

Final Fantasy I through VI with proper graphics? There’s an audience for that kind of tribute release — but what actually is this? I’ve got a strange feeling.

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