Final Fantasy 1, 2, and 3 Pixel Remasters launch in July


The others are ‘coming soon’

Listings for all six of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters popped up today on Steam, revealing not just the timing of their individual launches, but a lot more info on what they look like.

Final FantasyFinal Fantasy II, and Final Fantasy III will all launch on July 28 according to their new Steam listings. Final Fantasy IVV, and VI are simply noted as “coming soon.”

Also included in the listings for through III are a bunch of screenshots, which show what this Pixel Remaster is actually remastering. The pixels themselves actually look pretty alright by my account, but the fonts are a different story.

Final Fantasy III Pixel Remaster

According to the Steam page, the soundtracks have received a rearrangement as well, overseen by Nobuo Uematsu. There are also some extras like a music player, illustration gallery, and a bestiary.

Sadly, these versions are still coming solely to PC and mobile for the time being. They’re also packaged individually at $11.99 apiece, though they are on a promotional discount until Aug. 11.