Final Fantasy V pixel remaster arrives on November 10


One more to go

Another of Square Enix’s classic Final Fantasy remasters has set a launch date. The Final Fantasy V pixel remaster will go live on Steam and mobile on Nov. 10, 2021.

The latest entry will bring the fifth mainline Final Fantasy entry into the pixel remaster collection. It’s based on the original Final Fantasy V game released in 1992, and Square Enix notes that features or content may differ from previously released versions of the game.

Of course, the Final Fantasy V pixel remaster will still have a few extra features alongside its visual overhaul. This includes the bestiary, illustration gallery, and music player. There are also some modernized options, like an auto-battle.

This means that only one game is left, and it’s a doozy: Final Fantasy VI. A modern, remastered version of all these classics will certainly be something, and it seems like patches have been gradually improving some aspects the community wasn’t wild about with the first few remasters.

In lieu of a Nintendo Switch collection, at least these will all hopefully be portable on something like a Steam Deck in the future. And hopefully these remasters garner enough success to encourage some other retreading of the classic Final Fantasy catalog. I mean, if Chocobo GP can happen, surely anything is possible.

The Final Fantasy V pixel remaster will launch on PC and mobile on Nov. 10, 2021 for $17.99. The previous four games, from Final Fantasy through Final Fantasy IV, are currently available, while no date’s been set yet for Final Fantasy VI.