Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis will be free-to-play, and monetized through loot boxes


‘The monetized element is basically loot boxes containing random weapons’

Did you miss that there are multiple Final Fantasy VII projects in the works…again?! It…begins!

The one in question here is Ever Crisis, which is a mobile game developed byApplibot, and will be a “reimagining” of the original in “monthly” episode form. Now, thanks to a new Famitsu interview with Tetsuya Nomura, we know that it’s free, and will “try” to stick to 10 chapters.

Nomura explains that the party will get out of Midgar “in chapter three,” leaving plenty of room to revisit the rest of the world of the game. But there’s also “completely new, original” content, including a story team-up with The First Soldier (which is 30 years in the past, dealing with the founding of the SOLDIER organization).

It’ll also have an original soundtrack that is based on the source material (neat), and will not function as a “replacement” for the remake project, but a “casual” version of it. In terms of monetization, chapters will be free, but it will be a loot box-based game, with boxes “containing random weapons.” Nomura says that some weapons will also include “new costumes,” which is exactly how they’re going to get hardcore fans with the FOMO gacha system.

Are you ready for a ton of Final Fantasy VII media? I lived through it once before, and survived!

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