Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 will have one director instead of three


Nomura is busy

A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into making Final Fantasy VII Remake from the ground up.

A full team had to basically reimagine this classic JRPG without screwing things up, and that included new sound effects, visuals, music, designs, mechanics: you name it. So it makes perfect sense that it took a team of three directors and countless others to make that happen. That directorial trio involved Testuya Nomura, Noaki Hamaguchi, and Motomu Toriyama. At least for the first part.

Speaking to Famitsu, Nomura confirmed that Part 2 will only have one director:Naoki Hamaguchi. Part of the reason is that Nomura will be busy, working on “more projects now than ever before” (okay, I want to know more about that). Since a lot of the groundwork is already done, Nomura feels comfortable that this one can be helmed by one person. However, Nomura is still involved as the “creative director on all things Final Fantasy VII,” which specifically includes the remake and the mobile games. He says that it is “not a significant change.”

Slowly but surely the Part 2 pieces of the puzzle are coming together. We know that it should feature the open world at some point, and that Square Enix is working on it in earnest remotely.

Oh, and there’s a PS5 version coming soon with a Yuffie DLC storyline to tide us over.

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