Apparently Final Fantasy X-3 is a possibility, according to Nomura


But it’s Nomura, so it may never see the light of day

Would you want to see a Final Fantasy X-3? I mean, I think I would. The “X” subseries is one of the better spinoffs Square Enix has crafted, and despite potential oversaturation, I wouldn’t mind checking in with that world once again. Well, the chances are “not zero,” according to Tesuya Nomura.

Speaking to Famitsu (the issue for July 29-August 5), as translated by RPG Site, Nomura notes that there is actually a X-3 synposis floating out there from Kazushige Nojima, scenario writer for Square Enix. Nomura says it’s “sleeping” at the moment, but “it does exist.” As RPG Site points out, the sequel could use the “audio drama” format that the company has utilized in the past. Evidently, none of this will happen as long as Final Fantasy VII Remake is in production anyway: oh so the next 10 years (I’m joking, maybe not)?

Here’s the important bit to cling onto here: this is being said by Tetsuya Nomura. The same Nomura that was embroiled in the Fantasy Versus XIII saga. And Kingdom Hearts, a series that took nearly 20 years to get a third mainline entry.

While a lot of people are probably going to brush this off, I actually do not underestimate Square Enix’s ability to infinitely tap into nostalgia. I think if there’s demand one day, they could push that emergency button and eventually do a full remake of Final Fantasy X, and potentially continue the story from there (and use this Final Fantasy X-3 outline in any number of scenarios). It might not even involve Nomura, and it might be years/decades away. But I think they’re capable of it!

For now, we simply wonder what Final Fantasy X-3 could entail.