Final Fantasy XIV 4.1 trailer shows off Ivalice, new EX fight, mech PVP


Oh, and the beautiful Shigane housing district

Square Enix is giving us a brief showcase of Final Fantasy XIV: The Legend Returns(Patch 4.1) before its October 10 debut, and it looks pretty damn sweet. While most of these patch trailers are main questline focused, we do get a good look at more long term content, like the new dungeon, EX battle, the 24-person Ivalice raid, and even a brief glimpse at the Ultimate Savage encounter.

Square Enix has been slowly upping their game when it comes to dungeon design, and the newShinryu EX fight looks even more impressive than the original. The same goes for the new mech-centric PVP mode, and the lovely Shirogane housing zone that I’ll be visiting as soon as the servers open (though I’ll be keeping my small home in Mist near the beach!).

Swimming has been mostly underutilized in XIV, but perhaps it’ll have its time to shine in future updates — dungeon integration and housing zone frolicking is a nice start.