Next Final Fantasy XIV live letter will give us new expansion details and potentially big job changes


The live letter is on September 17 at 7PM PT

Final Fantasy XIV is on a roll. It’s eating the lunch of several other MMOs, so much so that queues are becoming a problem to even get in the game. Square Enix is addressing that, but they’re also looking to the future very soon. The future of Endwalker, that is, with another Final Fantasy XIV live letter.

As a recap, live letters are a series of streams that allow the development team (most notably head honcho Yoshi P) to communicate with their players, and provide updates, as well as describe future updates. It’s typically where we see content for the first time, as well as upcoming quality of life changes and cosmetics. And as any Final Fantasy XIV player will tell you, small quality of life changes can actually be pretty huge.

As for this next round, we do have a hint of what’s to come. Square Enix has confirmed that the next Final Fantasy XIV live letter will run on September 17 at 7PM PT (early afternoon in Japan!), and it will contain “new Endwalker information, miscellaneous updates, and job adjustments/battle-related updates” for Endwalker.

That’s import to note: the meta isn’t going to significantly shift most likely until actually arrives in November. As is the case with many MMOs, the development team takes a pass at every job/class in the game and attempts to adjust them so people can have a smooth experience at launch. But with Final Fantasy XIV, typically this involves the streamlining of several abilities to avoid bloat.

If you’re really anxious to see how your main/job of choice is going to turn out, watching this Final Fantasy XIV live letter will help.