If you can log in, the Final Fantasy XIV Starlight Celebration looks like a fun time


They’re still working on login woes

This week, Square Enix and the Final Fantasy XIV team provided a detailed answer on where they were at with Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker queues. In short, there’s good and bad news. They’re going to address the queue situation so that people aren’t getting booted as often after waiting for hours, which is great. But the worldwide semiconductor shortage is going to make it hard to actually upgrade the servers themselves; and if people don’t start naturally falling off the game, the queues will continue. And that’s going to impact the enjoyment of the Final Fantasy XIV Starlight Celebration event for sure.

The development team provided a full look at the seasonal event in the blog linked above, which begins on Thursday, December 16 at 12:00AM PT, and runs through December 31 at 6:59AM PT. To start the main seasonal questline, you’ll need to speak to Amh Garanjy at X:10.2 Y:9.4 in Old Gridania (Mih Khetto’s Amphitheatre). You only need to be level 15 to partake, and you can net two festive minions, as well as a starlight mobile. If you missed out on previous Final Fantasy XIV Starlight Celebration events, select items will be available at the in-game shop at this location.

To be frank, Square Enix should look at extending the event through the new year. If the login issues aren’t alleviated by then, a lot of people are going to be missing out as they might be forced into playing at peak login times due to the holidays.