Final Fantasy XIV updates list of congested and non-congested servers


There’s a new Oceania tab too

[Update: Square Enix has explained that Final Fantasy XIV congested servers have led to congestion for transfers, too: “We are currently experiencing a high volume of applications for Home World Transfer Service, and it’s causing major congestion. If you are experiencing congestion when accessing the Home World Transfer Service page on Mog Station, please wait a few moments and try again.” Make a note of it if you’re having issues! It seems like if you really want to transfer right now, brute force and time is the only option.]

Square Enix just rolled out the Oceanic data center, but with that addition comes a catch: they also opened up sales of the game again! To help, the publisher has updated the Final Fantasy XIV congested servers list, so you can carefully plan where to start the game or transfer.

A few quick observations. As you can see from the chart below, Aether is completely congested all over. In fact it’s the only center that’s entirely congested, so if you’re playing on it, expect potential queues (log in earlier than you intend on playing), or consider not creating a character on there unless you have a reason to (like friends).

One thing to note is that things have gotten better for a lot of servers. When I started up Endwalker, mine had queue lines hundreds-long, coupled with the annoying “booted out of the queue” bug that the team eventually addressed. Now it’s “standard” in terms of congestion.

The good news is that there’s a whole new Oceania tab that’s been added to the server list. The entire world list is considered “new,” and nothing has filled up yet: plus there are bonuses for transferring or creating characters on it. If you’re starting completely fresh and alone, it might help to head there if you can stand the ping. Worst case you get some lag after trying it out for an hour or so, then pack up and head to another server by creating a new character.

Here’s how the Final Fantasy XIV congested servers are looking right now in North America:

Final Fantasy XIV congested servers