Final Fantasy XIV's Mac port isn't great


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Players of Final Fantasy XIV are reporting major performance issues in the recently released Mac client. Low framerates, hanging launchers, and graphical errors are all being seen.

On the official forums, and reddit, many players are claiming the game runs far better through Bootcamp (a way to run Windows OS on a Mac computer) than in the so-called native client:

“I have a late 2013 Macbook Pro (GT750M model) and while FFXIV runs with about 50-60 FPS via Bootcamp/Windows on the preset “Laptop (normal)” on 1680×1050, it barely runs with 20 FPS in the same zones with the same presets via Mac OS X.”

Kotaku claims the game isn’t technically a native client, but simply the Windows client being run through a wrapper, which is why the specs needed to get the game playable are a bit higher.

Kotaku also point out the port is working fine for some people, however the large amount of people raising these issues makes me think it’s not just the “lol Mac” problem that I know so many people would like to claim it is.

Transgaming, the company who ported the game, have yet to comment on the performance issues, as have Square Enix.

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