Final Fantasy XIV's new Eden raid is out today, here's how to unlock it


Four encounters, as usual, with Savage unlocking on July 30

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers‘first wave of post-game content has been dated, and the initial phase unlocks today.

Eden, the core raid of the Shadowbringersexpansion, is live. Here’s how to access it and what you can expect.

How to access the raid

Accessing Eden is just a short questline away.

Head to The Crystarium and go right outside of the main hub to X 9.7, Y 12.3. It’ll lead to you an existing expansion zone, then a new tiny zone for the raid.

The raid itself

The Eden raid, which will run throughout the entire course of Shadowbringers‘ lifecycle (with two more waves dropping in the next year or so), takes place in a zone called “The Empty.”

Right now there’s four encounters, and you can currently engage them with the normal difficulty setting in tow. In two weeks on July 30, the “Savage” version will unlock, which is akin to Mythic difficulty in World of Warcraft, and will contain the “real” raid, with extra mechanics and potentially more boss phases.

Eden normal has a few quality of life changes, most notably the amount of gear that drops and the labeling of said gear. Instead of having new players try to decipher what a “lens” is, they can just opt for a helm token. Easy! You can exchange these tokens for gear atYhal Yal in Eulmore, at the counter where you exchange tomestones.

Quality-wise Eden is one of the best normal raid waves to date. All of the fights are fun and engaging, and once again Square Enix knocked it out of the park when it comes to music.