Final Fantasy XV is getting a new patch with UI tweaks, better PS4 Pro performance



Square Enix has announced that a new patch will be hitting Final Fantasy XV next week for Japanese gamers (with a Western release TBA). On April 27, PS4 Pro players will be given the option to select a “Stable Mode” for play in addition to the “Full” and “Lite” modes currently on offer. Seeing as how the last patch totally screwed performance for Pro users, this is a welcome addition.

For those of us without the PS4 Pro, there will be UI tweaks and bonus stuff for the Regalia. Subtitles and some of the games menu text will be enlarged and you’ll have access to new decals and songs. Timed Quests are also making a return and a ranking feature will be added to them. Not too substantial, but still nice.

This month’s Final Fantasy 15 patch gives you “stable mode” FPS option for PS4 Pro, timed quests, Regalia stickers and more [VG 24/7]