Fire Emblem Heroes update adds wedding dresses


Something borrowed, something bruised

Tomorrow’s Fire Emblem Heroes update is all about wedding dresses. The mobile game’s new crop of Special Heroes introduces four costumed characters dressed in white, as part of a limited “Bridal Blessings” event.

The Bridal Blessings characters — Caeda, Charlotte, Cordellia,and Lyn — will be available from May 30 through June 13.

“Here comes the bouquet,” reads the accompanying Bridal Blessings trailer, setting the tone for a bizarre ninety seconds of wedding dresses and battle slogans. Each Special Hero will have their a unique paralogue story and skills, not to mention dumb titles like “Money Maiden” and “Bride of the Plains.”

Recent Fire Emblem entries have garnered plenty of attention for both their light dating sim elements and marriage mechanics, but the prospect of winning brides through what’s essentially a digital slot machine feels kind of weird to me. Whatever. The heart wants what it wants, right? If you’re in the market for some digital brides, Fire Emblem Heroes has you covered.