Firefly Diary team announces new Vita game


Rose and the Old Caste of Twilight

Nippon Ichi Software’s experimental puzzlerhtoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary was a success, it seems, as the studio has unveiled a successor of sorts, Rose and the Old Castle of Twilight.

While not a direct sequel to The Firefly Diary, Rose and the Old Castle of Twilight plays on the same themes, starring a young girl trying to escape a treacherous maze with the help of a friend.

This time that companion is a mysterious giant, rather than a firefly, which should give the team at NIS a new perspective on how to go about designing this sort of puzzle experience.

One thing designer Masayuki Furuya is keeping in mind with this one is the difficulty factor, as NIS is keenly aware of how many players believed The Firefly Diary was too punishing.

Rose and the Old Castle of Twilight is currently planned for an April 28 release in Japan. NIS made no mention of if or when the PlayStation Vita exclusive will come to western shores.

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