Firewatch's PS4 patch is live, makes things much better


Just not for me

Playing Firewatchlast week was quite the polarizing experience for me. I loved a lot of individual components — specifically the interactions between Hank and Delilah— but I really didn’t like the game as a whole. Something about it just didn’t jell for me. And that’s before it broke to the point of keeping me from being able to finish.

Yes, approximately 85 percent of the way through, the objective refused to update. It left me unable to trigger the next event, instead just running around my tiny watchout shack trying to interact with anything and everything. I resorted to watching the end of the game on an IGN walkthrough. It was less than ideal.

Developer Campo Santo says that it became aware of the issues in the PS4 version after launch, and that it has since worked around the clock to rectify things. That patch released this afternoon. It’s 3.187GB in size and is said to “fix lots of tiny issues and improve the game.”

Indeed, it does take care of a lot of the problems. Upon downloading and booting up Firewatch, I immediately noticed that it was no longer stuttering and constantly dropping frames. It’s a much smoother experience, seemingly.

But, in case you’re wondering, my game is still broken. C’est la vie.

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