First 4 Figures' Gravelord Nito statue has a cloak made of a hair and that just seems right


Befitting of the Nito brand

As far as expensive-as-hell gaming statues go, First 4 Figures’ take on Gravelord Nito from Dark Souls speaks to me strictly on a window-shopping level. But I love him. I love him and his “faux hair cloak.”

Folks, this 27″ tall statue costs $700 – and that’s the early bird price, without shipping.

If you can swing it, good for you. Discounted pre-orders are open until February 3 with an expected ship date of Q1 2022. Your Dark Souls collection – which I assume you have, because who would start collecting merch with such a high-effort statue – will be all the more imposing with Nito standing tall.

For the rest of us, hey, at least he’s fun to look at. It’s tough to appreciate the big lug when skeletons are nipping at your heels and you really don’t want to make the trek through the Tomb of Giants again.

I’ll continue to appreciate First 4 Figures from a distance… with my credit card locked up tight.