First full trailer for IT makes it really hard to write a story about it without the pronoun it


Thank goodness for italics

ITis finally here. Or the remake of itis finally here. Stephen King’s classic horror story already had a TV version that made us all insanely afraid of clowns (or at least Tim Curry dressed up as a clown), but now we get to be scared of them all over again. Along with creepy children, old houses and red balloons. Seriously, ITjust basically makes everything scary, and withAndrés Muschietti directing we at least know we’ll get something as atmospheric as Mama, and hopefully a bit more consistent.

Look, I’m a jaded old film critic who has had to sit through so many movie trailers almost nothing gets to me anymore, but damn, did I get goosebumps once the “you’ll float too” stuff started. I haven’t read the book in years, but I was getting flashbacks to teenage me being petrified late at night. That’s just some creepy shit. Hopefully this isn’t one of those cases where a well cut trailer leads to a lackluster movie.