First-person servers coming to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds in monthly update


Now it’s first-personal

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds‘ next major update is sure to please players who prefer to do all of their looting and shooting in first-person. According to developer Brendan Greene, a dedicated first-person mode is coming in the game’s upcoming monthly update.

In addition to the news, Greene tweeted details about the team’s plans for the first-person servers. They’ll be available in North America and Europe first, before rolling out in other regions.

We will bring 1st person only to EU/NA SOLO & DUO games first, and once we have polished the system, we will expand to other regions.

— PLAYERUNKNOWN (@BattleRoyaleMod) July 13, 2017

It’s also worth noting that Greene and Bluehole, Inc. plan for PUBG‘s first-person mode to be exclusive to solo and duo matches in the update.

I can’t imagine playing an entire match in first-person, personally. I’m too reliant on using the game’s freelook to check my surroundings. Even with an FOV slider, the idea of being locked into one perspective seems like an easy way to get shot from behind. I’ll definitely give it a shot, though, because I can’t stop playing PUBG.