First trailer for the Rampage movie sure has some big 'ole animals in it


At least it comes out on 4/20

Remember Rampage? It’s that arcade game that ran its course after 20 minutes or so. It’s totally fun, but it’s the kind of fleeting fun meant for a weekend rental. Anyway take that 20 minutes of fun, with about 30 seconds worth of plot, put a Rock in it, and now suddenly we have a full-on Hollywood adaptation.

Dwayne Johnson and San Andreas director Brad Peyton reunite to take on the very, very serious story about a white gorilla named George who turns into a giant and goes on the titular rampage.

Johnson used to be franchise fuel, with his casting injecting new life into the Journey and Fast and Furious franchises, but that’s really not the case anymore. After a string of weird decisions, Johnson doesn’t have the traction his billing used to have. If this appeals to you, cool, but I’m smelling a bomb here.

Rampage opens April 20, 2018. #BlazeIt