Five years later, do you still want Mega Man Legends 3?


Some folks still do

Back in July of 2011, Capcom officially came out and said Mega Man Legends 3 was canceled. Fans rallied. People who hate the series said good riddance. It was a weird time, but since then I’ve seen so much love come out of that community that it makes me happy to say that I’m a part of it.

Five years later that love has extended to a GameSpark poll out of Japan, in which readers state that they want to see a revival of Mega Man Legendsmore than any other Capcom IP. When I’ve asked our readers the same question, a lot of you echo the same sentiment, alongside of another main entryDevil May Crygame from Capcom.

We may never get Legends 3, but Mega Manis making a low key comeback with theLegacy Collection, the appearance in Smash, and a brand new TV show that’s set to air next year. If everything goes well we might see something like another retro iteration similar to 9and 10, or we could just get more mobile trash. It’s Capcom — you never know.

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