Flash game portal Newgrounds turns 20 years old today


Now I feel old

These days, Tom Fulp is probably best known for his work with The Behemoth, behind games like Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers. Way back in the day, I knew him as the guy in charge of Newgrounds. I spent a ton of time (probably too much) in high school playing free Flash games on the site. I still remember playing through Pico’s School, a point-and-click adventure about a school shooting. It hasn’t exactly aged well (unless you count the more recent remakes), but it still reminds me of being a kid, playing morbid videogames when I should have been doing homework.

Newgrounds has grown a lot since the early days, becoming a place for a huge number of creators to put up content of varying quality. It even became the birthplace of some big names in games today like The Binding of Isaac.

Newgrounds turns 20 years old today, and to celebrate, Fulp and company are streaming a bevy of the site’s hosted games on Twitch.

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