Focus Interactive shows off gameplay for sci-fi sequel The Surge 2


September to Dismember

Following on from its E3 debut, Focus Interactive has released a narrated gameplay video of its post-apocalyptic sci-fi sequel The Surge 2, which is headed to PS4, PC and Xbox One in September.

In the seven-minute clip, Deck 13’s head game designer Adam Hetenyi guides us through a little of the game’s environment, showing off Surge 2’s decaying Jericho City, as well as its sharp lighting engine. Hetenyi gives us a little background on the sequel’s bio-hazardous plot, as well as Surge 2’s emphasis on taking multiple approaches to a dangerous situation.

Eventually, the sparks start flying, and our hero finds themselves locked in combat with various enemies and a huge boss. The Surge 2 retains the original game’s brutal weapon-based fighting system, complete with new maneuvers, parries and attacks. All of these skills are geared toward separating your opponent’s limbs from the rest of their torso (allowing players to gather new weaponry en route).

The Surge 2 launches September 24 on PS4, PC and Xbox One.