Forspoken has been delayed to October


A little extra time for the new Luminous IP

Forspoken has been delayed out of its May launch and into later this year. The new action RPG from Luminous Productions and Square Enix will now launch on Oct. 11, 2022.

Previously set for May 24, 2022, the new IP from Luminous is moving into the fall window. In a statement posted to Twitter, the development team said it’s using the extra few months to focus efforts on polishing the game.

A message from the #Forspoken Development Team.

— Forspoken (@Forspoken) March 7, 2022

What started off as Project Athia was soon revealed as Forspoken, a new action RPG from Luminous with an interesting new take. The story will feature Frey Holland, a New Yorker transported into the alternate world of Athia. Yes, it’s an isekai.

It’s not long before Frey takes up the mantle as hero of the realm and goes on a journey to fight monsters, confront powerful sorceresses called Tantas, and uncover secrets. It also seems to have a pretty cool active magic system.

We had the chance to take a look at Forspoken a few months ago and were impressed by the look of the game, though the narrative gave a bit more pauseForspoken is also set for PC and PlayStation 5, so its graphics could make it a showcase for that new console, if nothing else.

Considering how another recent launch in a more established IP still struggled to meet internal expectations at Square Enix, a delay to get Forspoken right the first time makes sense. And though Elden Ring has been out for a little bit now, it still seems like it could suck all the air out of the room for any other action RPG for a while longer.

We’ll see how this new entry from Luminous fares in October.