Fortnite adds a social deduction mode called Impostors


There’s an impostor among us

Fortnite Impostors is a new game mode getting added to Epic’s massive video game Fortnite today. And if you’ve played something like Town of Salem or Among Us before, it’s going to sound familiar.

Set for ten players, eight Agents try to complete tasks and maintain The Bridge while two Impostors work to undermine them. The Agents of the Imagined Order have to do special Assignments, which involves activities like repairing the Battle Bus or calibrating chests, and can win by completing all of them or voting out the Impostors.

The Impostors, meanwhile, want to eliminate Agents and take control, using special abilities like freezing Assignment progress and teleporting all players to different locations in order to stay hidden. They also have some Assignments to do, to blend in, and players can call a quorum to vote someone out if they discover a body.

Epic also said in today’s announcement that special emotes have been added for debates in Fortnite Impostors, so you can use Emotes and Quick Chat to ask questions and cast suspicions. I like that they thought this far ahead, those I was hoping that dances like flossing would just become shorthand for accusing someone.

So yes, the Fortnite Impostors mode is pretty similar to Among Us, the extremely popular impostor game. It’s actually not the first time that Epic has featured an impostor-style game within Fortnite, either. Last year, Epic spotlighted a custom game mode called “The Spy Within” that had similar gameplay.

Adding an actual Werewolf-style game mode in the form of Fortnite Impostors makes sense, to draw in players and also bolster Fortnite as a social place to play and hang out. Aside from big, universe-ending events and Ariana Grande concertsFortnite will now have a game of trust and betrayal to play, too.

Note: This article has been updated to reflect that Fortnite Impostors is a new mode, not a new limited-time mode.