Fortnite's second crack at its 50 vs 50 mode is pushed back to next week


Thwarted fort

Fortnite players have to wait a little while longer to get back into their big team battles. Originally set to go live today, the return of the 50 vs 50 mode is getting delayed until next week.

Epic announced the setback this afternoon in a reddit post. It doesn’t seem due to a problem with the mode, but rather something more overarching. Over the past day or so, Fortnitehas had crippling issues with its accounts service. It was bad enough that Epic shut down the servers for emergency maintenance last night (prompting Pornhub to tweet that its servers would crash next if Fortnite weren’t up and running soon).

So, 50 vs 50 will launch sometime next week. The first version of this mode, which released in December 2017, was met with a tepid reception. People felt like the matches ended up uneven and that it was generally too chaotic. Epic hopes to address these concerns by (among other things): giving each team its own party bus, making the final circle visible from the beginning of matches, adding a dotted line to indicate both team’s half of the map, and altering supply drops.

Here are the full patch notes for anyone who wants to know the specifics of how 50 vs 50 has changed. For everyone who just wants to see the changes for themselves, well, you’ll have to wait a few extra days.

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