Fox gal Yuel joins the Granblue Fantasy Versus roster today


You know you’re a… sweet little heart-break-er…

Granblue Fantasy: Versus receives a brand new character today, one who seems sure to be popular with rushdown fans and DeviantArt supporters everywhere. Foxy franchise fan-favorite Yuel is now ready to join the battle, arriving as part of the gorgeous fighter’s second season pass.

In Granblue Fantasy lore, Yuel is a daring adventurer, who is constantly distracted from her life quest to discover a thousand-years-old treasure by the people and places that she encounters on her journeys. A very popular character in the Granblue Fantasy universe, no doubt thanks to her teasing, femme-fatale nature, lavish design, and playful attitude, Yuel joins the GF:V roster as a speedy rushdown character, tackling her opponents on ground and in the air with her trademark “Foxfire” swords. Yuel is also equipped with her “Third Dance”, a stance that slows mobility but allows for slick counterattacks.

You can check out Yuel in action in this feet-happy gameplay trailer.

In addition to Yuel’s arrival, the trailer above offers the first look at the next DLC character in line for Granblue Fantasy: Versus. Anre may seem relatively short in stature but, as one of the masterful deities known as “The Eternals” is actually a being of incredible knowledge and power, tasked with providing balance to the world’s emotions, and ridding civilization of sadness. Damn, hope he succeeds in that task real soon. Anre will be made available in-game in early 2021.

Finally, Granblue Fantasy: Versus will be receiving a “Battle Pass” of sorts as part of its Version 2.22 update later this month. The pass will challenge players to complete time-limited challenges in order to unlock skins, colors, RPG Mode bonuses, in-game currency, and more.