Free and paid updates for Nioh confirmed for May 2


Free PVP and ‘Dragon of the North’

As promised, Koei Tecmo is launching its PVP update for Nioh for free on May 2. Originally slated for “late April” it’s been pushed back just a tiny bit, but it’s close enough!

Launching alongside of that will be a bit of paid DLC called Dragon of the North. It’ll hit on the same date for $9.99, and will include new enemies, guardians, levels, and weapons. You can also grab the Season Pass for $24.99, which has three DLCs packed in — with Defiant Honor and Bloodshed’s End capping off Dragon of the North.

I can’t believe how much time I’ve spent with this game. Originally, based on the beta, I suspected that the level-based system would grate over time, but I ended up loving it in the end. The easy swap between the OG difficulty and NG+ with separate world maps was genius, and a far better way to handle it than the “all or nothing” approach of recent action RPGs. Even old school ones would force you to choose a difficulty at the start and stick to it.

Nioh [Game City]