Friday release deals: Cuphead and FIFA 18 up to 27% off for PC gamers


It’s good to be a PC gamer

Gearing up for a big release this Friday are two titles making waves and they are very much on the opposite end of the spectrum: Cuphead, an anticipated indie run-and-gun platformer, and FIFA 18, from EA Sports. It’s a football game that you may have heard of before.

Beyond the September 28 release date, there really isn’t anything similar about the titles except for the deals available for PC gamers. Cuphead has been in development all the way since 2010, while FIFA 18 is… yet another annual FIFA title (though this marks year two on the Frostbite 3 engine).

As of writing, you can pick both titles up at GMG discounted up to 27% off. Before you get excited though, the biggest discount is reserved only to the Cuphead Deluxe Edition which includes the game’s original soundtrack. The game is quickly climbing the sales chart, currently #9 on the top seller list on Steam, and #1 and #3 at GMG.

Update: The deal on Cuphead is now expired. We’ll update if we spot it cheaper elsewhere.

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With Cuphead shaping up to be a potential indie hit, we’re quite curious how it’ll fare at the “box office” tomorrow. As for FIFA 18, despite our earlier dig, the franchise is hugely popular and if you’ve played any FUT games before you’ll know how addicting it can be (plus the continued story mode looks to be a popular addition as well). The discount on FIFA 18 is more muted at 18% off for the Origin key, but honestly, most gamers planning to get the game are probably playing on consoles instead.

With September closing out, we’ve also spotted some pretty good deals on recently released titles such asRuiner, Project CARS 2, and Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, along with today’s release ofTotal War: Warhammer II

Most deals above should last through the week, but we’ll update accordingly given they are new titles and digital retailers always love playing with pricing depending on how a title is selling.

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