Moon director Duncan Jones still seems keen on adapting Full Throttle


The Moon and Warcraft director would still like to take on the LucasArts classic

Director Duncan Jones has tackled video game adaptations before, and there’s still one he wants everyone to know he’s game for: Full Throttle.

Jones, the director of Moon and Warcraft among other films, has expressed his love for Full Throttle before on social media. At the start of 2021, Jones posted about a reimagining of Full Throttle for 2020 that Tim Schafer had shared a link to, and how it encouraged him to write a fan script for the game.

Well, it’s 2022 and almost a full year later, and Jones’ interest has not waned. Over this last weekend, Jones tweeted about Full Throttle again (thanks for the spot, Eurogamer). “If you could all tell Disney Studios how much you’d love to let me make Full Throttle for Disney+, that would be adorable and I’d be very appreciative,” Jones wrote.

If you could all tell @DisneyStudios how much you’d love them to let me make Full Throttle for @Disney+, that would be adorable and I’d be very appreciative.??❤️??

— Duncan Jones (@ManMadeMoon) January 9, 2022

Disney has the LucasArts rights thanks to its deal to purchase LucasFilm Ltd., which came in at an estimated $4.05 billion. There have since been some remasters of games like Full Throttle and others, but that doesn’t exactly give hope quite yet for a streaming deal.

Among the stable of LucasArts classics like Day of the Tentacle and Grim FandangoFull Throttle is certainly no slouch. And of those games, it would certainly be an interesting one to see, and a neat way to build out what feels like an overlooked, or even underutilized, part of the massive Disney acquisition. We can dream, right?

Jones’ Warcraft movie received some mixed reception, though other movies he’s directed like Moon have garnered high praise. Maybe with Jones at the helm, a Full Throttle adaptation could happen. Considering how popular video game adaptations have become these days, I’m not ruling any possibilities out just yet.