Galahad's Tinder profile just got better, because The Order just got a photo mode


Prepare to right swipe

Left swipe, left swipe, left swipe. That’s what scores of Victorian-era London ladies did when they saw Galahad on Tinder. His profile was so boring — just a bunch of pictures of the back of his head. Also, his bio said he was “fluent in sarcasm.” Yuck.

That’s all getting a hefty makeover today. The Order: 1886has a photo mode now, so Galahad can spend hours crafting the perfect pose. There are even filters to add an artistic flair. The Werewolves of London are going to run wild now that Galahad spends all his time in the bathroom taking shirtless selfies.

The Order: 1886 gets powerful Photo Mode in new update [PS Blog]