Game with the devs of WH40K: Regicide!


And possibly win one of 11 copies!

Hammerfall Publishing, the awesome folks behind Warhammer 40K: Regicide, want to play with you! No, not like that. PUT THAT AWAY! Sheesh. We have company. These nice folks want to play their game with you silly.

What is Regicide you ask (as you hopefully zip up)? It’s about the bloodiest, most amazing take on chess that I’ve seen. It has two modes. Classic mode follows old-school chess rules, but more murder-y. Regicide mode let’s you plan your strategy and utilize tactical abilities (and some crazy powers too) to wipe your enemies clean off the board. Game has online and single player, as well as letting you choose either the Space Marines or the Orks! Why listen to my little blurb? Watch the gameplay video below and then go play with the fine folks who made it!

This is all going down from 9pm PST to 11pm PST tonight on the game’s Twitch channel here. Join in the chat to play or shoot them an email here, to setup something in advance. I will be in chat (hopefully, my phone is a butt lately) handing out some game codes, but if you’d like to just comment below for chance to win, go ahead.

Leave us a comment telling us your favorite faction and how you’d like to smite your enemies. Winners will be chosen by 11/14/15 @ 11:59 PST