Game-within-a-game hinted at for Splatoon


Like pizza crust stuffed with pizza rolls

Splatoon is shaping up to be Nintendo’s most bold and explosive new intellectual properties in recent memory. Nintendo is often accused of never publishing new I.P., though these accusations are often coming from folks who only take notice of Nintendo when they’re talking about Mario or Zelda. A lot of people see titles like Sin and Punishment, Pushmo, The Wonderful 101, Rhythm Heaven, orXenoblade and either don’t read as being “Nintendo games” to them, or don’t notice them at all.

From the looks of it,Splatoon may be able to break that curse. The game has steadily picked up traction in the collective awareness of Wii U owners since its debut at E3, giving it a much better shot at being one of the console’s next big hits. I chalk that up to the fact that it follows a lot of conventions that many associate with the Nintendo brand (colorful cartoon-ish characters, strange transformations, simple-but-versatile “fun first” gameplay hooks) while still offering enough fresh ideas to be eye catching.

One of those fresh ideas may be 2D arcade game that you access from inside the game itself. Spotted by this NeoGAF contributor,the little retro shooter seen in this Splatoonsingle player traileris also clearly displayed on an arcade cabinet in the hub world shown in the latest Nintendo Direct footage. No word yet on if it will be playable, but we’ll reach out to Nintendo about it after the weekend for comment.

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