Games crowd-funding site waives fees for the next 90 days

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[Promoted from our community blogs, as authored by the founder of their company.] is excited to announce a promotion to sell or list games in their marketplace starting June 10th. When games that are submitted to the marketplace during the promotion period, GameLaunched will waive all fees for 90 days. This is a great opportunity for developers who want to get additional exposure for selling or downloading their games. has been very busy for the last few months adding additional features to the site, the addition of our coming soon page allows fans to see what games will be crowdfunding soon. Our marketplace also will be releasing many games in the next few days. We also have plans for our Launch Board, where developers looking for resources to finish their game and current project.

GameLaunched is committed to becoming a leader in the worldwide crowdfunding market, exclusive to gaming. Visit the site for more info at