GameStop: Switch has a higher attach rate than Wii U


People aren’t just going for Zelda

For those of you who are in for the Nintendo Switch launch, what games are you picking up? (Besides Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I mean.) There’s not a ton else on day one, to the point where I’m liable to get both Super Bomberman R and, despite its too-high pricing, 1-2 Switch, during the honeymoon phase.

Apparently I’m not alone! Speaking to [a]listdaily, GameStop senior director of merchandising Eric Bright said that “People are not just buying one game. They’re buying multiple games.”

He specifically noted that the Switch is seeing a higher attach rate than the Wii U, even though the latter came with a pack-in (Nintendo Land was included in the Deluxe Set) and had a larger and some would say overall stronger list of titles available on day one. That’s a curious piece of info indeed.

The retailer also praised the timing of the console’s release, saying, “The Q1 launch is one of the smartest moves Nintendo could have done. Instead of pushing units out during the heaviest time of the year (in Q4), this allows them to build a base. So by holiday, we can focus on games. There will be millions of people who will be hungry for content, creating a richer development cycle for game publishers who will have an install base to support titles. This also will take some of the brunt off of Christmas and enable Switch to be better stocked at stores.”

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