Gargos is coming to Killer Instinct this month, here's some blurry screens to celebrate


Hey, I didn’t make them blurry

To recap, Killer Instinct Season 3 just hit, and brought several new characters with it. But the season isn’t over, and more fighters are on the way. Due to a leak we can assume General RAAM is coming sometime soon, Eyedol might be in the cards as well, and Gargos will hit this month. Developer Iron Galaxy is providing a few teases for the latter, and I don’t use the term “tease” lightly here, as the screens are literally blurry on purpose. Either way, it’s nice to know he’s on track for May.

In other news, Shadow Lords, an expanded story mode, is also coming at some point this year. Lots in the hopper for Killer Instinct, and I’m glad to see it still alive and kicking this far off of its launch.

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