A huge Genshin Impact 2.5 stream is coming soon, with a concert


February 4 at 7AM ET

Right on schedule, MiHoYo has announced the Genshin Impact 2.5 stream date: and it’s February 4 at 7AM ET. According to the company, it’ll feature details on 2.5, as well as “an online concert.”

So the key art very clearly features Inazuma (the third region so far in the game), which was introduced as the “2.0” edition of the game in mid-2021. Since then¬†Genshin has been following along with the storyline dealing with the Raiden Shogun, who ruled the area with an iron fist in an attempt to preserve “eternity” for her kingdom.

Right on time, there are leaks for the event, which contend that it will be roughly an hour and a half, and that Ayaka and Yoimiya will be the “reruns” of the update, alongside of newcomer Kamisato Ayato (Ayaka’s unseen brother). To be clear, reruns are essentially just a reintroduction of previous gacha characters into the mix, who will run for a limited time.

All things equal,¬†Genshin Impact has been killing it since 2.0. It’s the point where the game felt truly complete, and MiHoYo has been tirelessly adding and tweaking things since, where it feels like you constantly have something to do. They also smartly have figured out a way to make old content exciting for players, similar to how Blizzard games reuse events.