You can link your PSN account to Discord starting today


Share what you’re playing right from your PlayStation

Back in May of last year, Sony and Discord announced they were partnering to bring their services closer together. Today, we’re seeing the fruits of their labor, as PlayStation players can link their PSN accounts to Discord.

Discord confirms that starting today, PlayStation Network users will be able to link to their account from Discord, in order to display their PS4 and PS5 activity in their profile. Much like other opt-in services, this will show your PlayStation activity, and also allow you to share your PSN ID in Discord profiles.

To be clear, this isn’t necessarily the full Discord on PlayStation. As the Discord blog highlights, this opens up visibility for what you’re playing and other profile options. The connection option will gradually roll out today across currently available Discord platforms on Windows, macOS and iOS, Linux, Android, and web.

PlayStation x Discord

We’re gradually rolling out the ability to link your PlayStation Network account to share what games you’re playing. Learn how to connect your account here:

— Discord (@discord) January 31, 2022

Discord says it is “excited to continue” its partnership with PlayStation, though no news on an official Discord app for PlayStation just yet. It at least brings the feature up to parity with a similar account integration for Xbox.

What it does seem useful for is looking at cross-platform games. So, say, a friend is playing Destiny or Final Fantasy XIV, I’ll be able to spy that on Discord and hit them up. Or honestly, just easy friend-adding for platforms. Cutting down on the times you have to type out tags or read them out over voice should be nice.

You can find more about the PSN Discord integration, as well as some nice features to toggle if you want some more privacy, in Sony’s support blog here.